New England's National Parks

Explore the Park Sites of the Early America

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Traveling across New England opens up recreation possibilities in states like Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Whether it be the wealth of skiing during the winter months, or the hikes and water-based adventures during the summer, the National Parks of New England are sure to impress. 

In all, there are 27 national parks found across these states. Massachusetts is home to 16 of those, including 187 National Historic Landmarks. Nearly 10 million visitors enjoy the national parks of MA each year. Maine sees more than 2.5 million visitors each year exploring their three national parks – Acadia NP and Roosevelt Campobello NP are very popular.

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is ideal for art history lovers – see a collection of impressive sculptures by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. In Connecticut, the Weir Farm National Historic Site yields a full day of exploration and insights into life of famed artist J. Alden Weir. Make the most of any trek through the New England region with tours of these national parks and many more.